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Québec is a place of unique unbelievable scenic wilderness and modern cities with old world charm you name it, in Quebec they've got it. Gardens galore, history, heritage, monuments, lighthouses, covered bridges... the list goes on and on. Quebec is full of interesting attractions & combination of different imaginations.

Quebec Climate:

Québec has three different climates: the humid continental climate in the region covered by boreal forest (south of the 50th parallel), the sub arctic climate in the taiga region (between the 50th-58th parallels), and the arctic climate of Nunavik, the tundra region above the 58th parallel, home of the Inuit.

Québec's southernmost climate is marked by seasonal extremes of temperature. An exact snowy winter, with an average annual snowfall of over 3 metres (10 feet), gives way to an exhilarating spring and a hot summer, extinguished by a crisp and colorful autumn. But through all the thermometer's ups and downs.

Average minimum and maximum temperatures (°C)


  • January: -15/-6
  • April: 1/11
  • July: 15/26
  • October: 4/13


  • January: -17/-8
  • April: -1/8
  • July: 13/25
  • October: 2/11

Québec Tourist Regions

Québec is divided into 20 tourist regions. From the Îles-de-la-Madeleine to the Far North, they cover an immense territory of exceptional natural beauty. Each has its predominant feature the St. Lawrence River, virgin forests, lakes and streams, mountains and each reflects a different aspect of Québec, whose history, culture and geography are unique in North America.

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  12. Universities and Colleges of Quebec
  13. Hotels & Accommodations

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